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Your First Visit to East Yorkshire Back Clinic


You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

We ask that you come in to the clinic 10 minutes before your booked appointment in order to fill in forms. You will be asked to read and sign the physical examination and data protection policy form. There will also be an informed consent form to be read, but signed only after having discussed the content with Dr Gosselin.

Consultation & Examination

Dr Gosselin, will walk to reception and invite you to come into the consulting room to discuss your complaint thoroughly. A full case history will be taken followed by a specific physical examination aimed at finding the cause of the problem. At that point, either a diagnosis will be formulated right away and the appropriate treatment choices will be discussed or further examination will be suggested.

Should further tests be recommended, some of these can be done right here at the clinic. They include: X-rays, computerised posturography, or surface electromyography. Other type of investigations can be arranged outside the practice such as MRI or ultrasound scans. Alternatively, should our care not be the best approach in your case, we can refer you to your GP or  privately to the consultant that can help you.

The initial consultation usually lasts 30 minutes

In relatively straight forward cases, we can proceed with a first treatment during that time. Sometimes it is necessary for the patient to do a bit of “homework” before we can proceed. This can include applying ice or doing simple exercises for a few days and this will permit to improve the outcome of the treatment.

Towards the end of the consultation, a further visit date will be agreed between you and Dr Gosselin. Both will go to reception and if indicated, book a further appointment as agreed.


Second Visit

On the second and all subsequent visits, Dr Gosselin will walk to reception and greet you. You will walk to the consultation room and sit down to discuss your condition and any concern or question that you may have. Once these issues have been addressed, he will proceed with the treatment. Once you both are satisfied that the planned therapeutic procedure for that particular session was successful, the management plan is reviewed and you are escorted to the reception by Dr Gosselin.

To get started please contact one of our convenient East Yorkshire Back Clinics to make an appointment today.

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