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New Patient Reviews:

Finally Understand Everything!

I have come away from my first appointment feeling very well informed and reassured. I have been given some exercises and guidance on how to prevent recurrence and protect my back in the future, and I felt for the first time ever, that I understand what the problem is. I have never received such a thorough explanation of my back condition, or had such an in depth discussion about what I was experiencing, why and how this would have occurred. From an old injury nearly 40 years ago, I finally understand it! Thank you so much

Ann H.

Such a Great investment

I was very apprehensive as it was my first visit, and I did not know what to expect. It was great, finally someone who knew what was wrong with me. Even had some exercises done. Cannot wait to get back and get my back sorted.

Mandy K.

Feeling Much Better

I was very nervous when I came but the receptionist was lovely and chatty which took my mind off my appointment. My treatment and explanation was really good and I came out feeling much better about things . Thank you so much.

Susan H.

One Visit Gave Me Answers to My Symptoms

The symptoms I have had for a while were worrying me as the GP just gave me tablets etc and no explanations over the years. One visit here gave me some answers to my symptoms. Has made me feel like I am not imagining them as the GP made it seem as if I was wasting his time. After years of visits to the GP surgery, I have now in one visit here feel less anxious. Thank you.

Suzane H.

Thank You For Making Me Feel Valued

Thank you for taking the time to explain everything fully to me and for making me feel valued. The information and advice you gave me has made such a massive difference to me and hopefully with your guidance I can recover to full fitness. Thank you.

Roger B.

I Wish I Had Seen This Doctor 10 Years Ago

Finally, someone that can diagnose I have something wrong with my back. The relief that a doctor knows something is wrong has helped me, and is going to help is wonderful. I have had this bad back for 10 years plus. I just wished I had seen this doctor 10 years ago.

Nick F.

Honest Professional Care

I cannot recommend highly enough. I went into EYBC in agony and came out smiling and pain free albeit only temporarily (12 to 14 hours) as was explained to me there is no quick fix, from my first visit I have received honest professional care and advice from a team that know what they are doing. I was treated by Dr Gosselin who I cannot thank enough, a genuine professional who will do the best that he can for you with a very approachable and friendly manner.

Sean R.

Professional and Knowledgeable

I had visited and consulted several other sources for a diagnosis on my hip and knee joints without any success. My son had been to see Guy sometime ago and was highly delighted with the outcomes he received…as was I. A very professional and knowledgeable practitioner.

Patricia S.

Very Friendly

Arrived for the consultation appointment and greeted with a friendly smile. The whole process was very good and would recommend to anyone. Very friendly practice keep up the good work.

Tom E.

Pleasant Experience

I was treated as an individual which was lovely. I was very pleased with the sharing of information about my condition with me it was really helpful and I felt fully engaged. The whole appointment was a very pleasant experience. I particularly liked not having to get into a gown for the consultation. I felt I had the full attention of Dr. Gosselin
for all of the consultation time and by the end of the first appointment he had worked out what the crux of the problem was and explained it to me. I was also made to feel welcome when I arrived, my appointment was on time and the place was nice and warm on a cold day.

Angela K.

Very Pleased

Very pleased with the treatment so far and hopeful that I will keep improving and be pain free. I highly recommend the clinic.

Lisa D.

Highly Recommend

Excellent service and highly recommended.

Neil H.

Excellent Service

Excellent service, friendly and helpful. Feel confident will be able to be helped. Many thanks!

Darren G.

Instant Results

Instant results after first two visits but I would like to return for follow up to prevent any recurrence of my condition.

Judith H.

Well Done

Very informative and caring. Made my emergency visit, at a stressful and painful time, more than I could have hoped for. Special mention to office staff also. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use this practice in future. Well done!

Andrew N.

Great Service

A great service all around, all the reception staff are lovely, warm and welcoming. Guy is brilliant, knows what he is doing and reassures you before doing anything new. I would have never known that my bad shoulder and neck were from whiplash injuries sustained years ago. I have never related them. Guy was highly recommended to me by a family member, I instantly trusted that he was not out to make money when I was informed that my family member had been advised to visit her GP as Guy was not able to do anything more as he diagnosed something too serious. I have never felt pressured and always felt in capable hands, which is such a relief as I have a problem trusting new people. I no longer have headaches after treatment for my neck and now we are working on my shoulder. I have had X-rays and had explained to me what has caused the injury, such a relief. I would have never gone to the GP regarding this issue as I know the waiting times for hospital are so long and I would have to convince the GP to refer me to a specialist. Its so much easier to get the treatment when you need it. I was seen the same day as I was getting excessive headaches and needed to be alright for work. If you are in pain definitely get treatment, you won’t regret it, you will only regret it if you leave it and it becomes worse.

Karen O.

Resolved Fairly Quickly

After suffering with low back pain for 5 weeks I was very impressed with Dr Gosselin , his ability to listen and diagnose my problem, I have complete faith that he can repair me! I was in a lot of pain when I arrived and after diagnosis and only 1 treatment I felt much much better, he has recommended a few more treatments but my problem should be resolved fairly quickly! The receptionist was very friendly and helpful.

Julie W.

Honest Assessment

Honest assessment was appreciated, the results I get over next week or two will hopefully enable me to elaborate more.

David B.

Thank You

Thank you for seeing me at such short notice and I feel sure that my chiropractic care is going to be a great asset to me, after one visit my painful back is feeling much better. Thank you.

Sheila A.


It was so refreshing to have someone listen to me properly and understand that I was in pain, even though my x-rays appeared normal. After previous NHS and private consults I was left with the impression that there probably was not much to be done – due to advancing years probably- it was very uplifting to be given some hope that I didn’t necessarily have to go away and just “live with it”! There may or may not be a cure, as such, but even if not, I am hopeful that the pain can be eased and that in itself will be a success for me!

Gillie P.


Very friendly receptionist which straight away made me feel at ease and the same with Guy and excellent service provided, I felt like I was being listened to 100% and felt so much better knowing what was wrong with me and after my treatment, I have already recommended you to a work colleague, thank you very much.

Lynn F.


Dr. Gosselin was very knowledgeable diagnosed my problem straight away and gave me some useful information as well and a really good check up and therapy.

Martin R.

I cannot recommend the doctor and staff highly enough

I was extremely nervous on my first ever visit to see Dr Guy Gosselin but I shouldn’t have been because he was so kind and understanding. I had suffered extreme back pain for over 4 weeks and been prescribed umpteen painkillers by my GP that were just temporarily masking the pain.

The initial examination was so thorough and the doctor explained my problem and how he could deal with it in great detail. His manner is wonderful. Professional and yet not stuffy or intimidating.
The reception staff are so friendly and efficient, again with lots of understanding and without stuffiness.
I am so glad a friend (Daniel S.) recommended this practice as I would have suffered longer than necessary.

I cannot recommend the doctor and staff highly enough.

Jennifer Kopczak
Hull, UK


Dr. Gosselin listened well and was very good at explaining my condition and the way he could help. I felt very relaxed and very impressed with the service. I would recommend him to my friends.

Steven G.


Professional, friendly staff put me at ease. Thanks.

Reg L.

Good Advice

Very good advice and help, and very friendly staff I felt very supported.

Glenn S.

Immediate Relief

After initial consultation I felt some immediate relief and feel confident that my problem can be resolved.

Carl J.

First visit was excellent

My first visit was excellent and the initial diagnosis made perfect sense.?You cannot ask for anymore than that.

Mark Wilson

He is a very skilled and personable practitioner

Were you pleased with the treatment?? Dr Guy Gosselin was instrumental in pinpointing spinal fractures which finally resulted in a diagnosis of osteoporosis. If he hadn’t strongly recommended x-rays to confirm his suspicions, it would have taken much longer for this condition to be recognised. He is a very skilled and personable practitioner.

Manipulation and exercises

Frances Smales

Excellent Service

Reception staff very pleasant and doctor very informative and reassuring excellent service

John G.